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Holiday Priorities

Jonathan Bryant

As I write about to board a plane at Thanksgiving, I'd like to share five things I did to set up our business for success.

1.  I didn't worry.

Believe in your people.  It's important to delegate - people you put in charge feel important.  They deserve the chance to succeed or fail.  They're likely to make you proud.

2.  I didn't set an Out of Office.

I'll check e-mail twice a day, and my phone is on in case people need me.  Just because you do #1 doesn't mean you check out.  People will respect that fact that it's a holiday...and they'll respect you even more that you're available for them.

3.  I left the checkbook.

Things break.  It's November.  Make sure your people can pay a bill if something goes awry...and it might.  No matter what the cost, fix it.  

4.   I made the necessary calls.

My day was booked solid today, and it was awesome.  A Tuesday is a Tuesday, and there were plenty of people still at their desks getting deals done.  

5.  I thanked my customers.

I recited the things I was thankful for - our troops, the opportunity to serve, my friends and family and most importantly, YOU.  We're all in business to make money, but it's the heart we're remembered for.

Happy Thanksgiving!